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Astrium, an EADS subsidiary, is the no. 1 European satellite manufacturer employing 17.000 men and women.
Processors for satellites in orbit demand for highest performance, low power, redundancy and adaptability. PACT's XPP technology perfectly complies with those demands.
Astrium licenses PACT's IP for the core of their new satellite processor. The IP comprises the right to build a complete high performance processor from various scalable building blocks and software tools.
The processor fulfills the emerging needs for computing intensive payload software. The hardware and software configuration can be uploaded to adapt to the ever changing commercial and technical needs of satellite operators during the live-time of a satellite. XPP's unique high bandwidth on-chip communication framework and streaming IO-channels allow easy integration into space qualified hardware equipment and provides full scalability and redundancy.
The chip is built from a compehensive set of modules based on PACT's IP:
  • coarse grained array of processing elements
  • unique sequential processor cores with implicit parallelism
  • highest bandwidth streaming communication channels
  • multiple memory interfaces
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